Interview with Andrea Insch on Brand New Zealand and Nation Branding Strategies in Asia

Andrea Insch, Senior Lecturer at University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, in this interview discusses the potentials and problems of green destination branding, and elaborates on New Zealand's '100% Pure' brand positioning - widely regarded among the longest and most successful destination brands.

Learn about:

  • New Zealand’s current brand positioning in relation to competitors;
  • The challenges and benefits of "green" place brands;
  • The strategic components of Brand New Zealand and how The New Zealand Story is taking the country's brand proposition beyond clean and green;
  • Lessons to be learned from research on the role of residents in building city brands;
  • How the Place Brand Equity concept facilitates measuring the success of place branding initiatives.

Andrea, do you remember who or what triggered your interest in place branding?

Good question. I have been interested in a related concept, country-of-origin, for as long as I can remember. This interest has inspired me to look at a number of resource-intensive industries, such as mining, agriculture (especially meat sectors) and tourism where the connection to place in relation to the natural environment is inseparable.

I became specifically interested in place branding and its associated incarnations (place marketing, destination marketing), through meeting Dr. Magdalena Florek in 2006-07, while Magdalena was working at the University of Otago. Dr. Florek inspired me to look at place branding as a phenomenon in its own right and to start investigating various aspects of place brand communication and resident satisfaction with place branding in New Zealand and in Dunedin in particular.

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The Editorial Team

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