Manolis Psarros of Toposophy on Destination Marketing Trends and Opportunities

Tourism and destinations are central to many place branding initiatives. In this interview, Manolis Psarros, Managing Director of destination marketing agency Toposophy, shares his thoughts on the current state of destination marketing, the main trends, challenges and opportunities.

Learn about:

  • How the destination marketing field has changed over the last 5 years;
  • What changes/trends he anticipates for the near future;
  • To what extent the Sharing Economy influences the marketing of destinations;
  • The key challenges in terms of city branding at the moment;
  • His favorite place branding book.

Manolis, can you give us a short summary of your current work, projects and responsibilities?

It has already been one year since the launch of TOPOSOPHY as an Integrated Destination Marketing Agency. Being a business unit of ATCOM Internet & Multimedia, Toposophy focuses on the combination of online and offline tools for the provision of innovative solutions to destinations and companies.

The key of our business strategy is the systematic monitoring and assessment of new market trends, such as the global impact of the ‘sharing’ or ‘rental’ economy and the preferences of Millennial travellers. Influential partners, such as the European Cities Marketing, HOTREC, Pacific Asia Travel Association, City of Athens & Diners Club International, among others, appreciate our capacity to transfer knowledge and expertise from one destination to another.

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The Editorial Team

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