Sustainability and Marketing in Tourism: Paradoxes, Challenges and Opportunities

Sustainability and marketing in tourism are not yet as well aligned as they could and indeed should be, argue Professors Xavier Font and Scott McCabe in a recent article published in the academic Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Both tourism sustainability and the repurposing of DMOs from destination marketing to management are hot topics this year - and likely to become even more important in the near future. The article by Font and McCabe could therefore not be more timely for destination managers and marketers.

Read on for a summary of key research findings and to learn about sustainable marketing and the normalization of sustainability in tourism.

Learn about:

  • Why destination branding is critical for the success of tourism;
  • Why current approaches to encouraging sustainability in tourism are not very successful, and how we can do better;
  • The repurposing of DMOs;
  • Main trends linked to destinations and sustainability;
  • The main challenges destinations face regarding marketing and sustainability.

Xavier and Scott, why the interest in destination branding and tourism? What brought you to the topic?

Destination branding is critical for the success of tourism. Brands help differentiate destinations and an important way in which they can do this is through being more sustainable.

Because of the increasing interest amongst consumers for greater sustainability and high quality natural and build environment, branding impacts on the sustainability of the destinations and help influence customer expectations and behaviour.

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The Editorial Team

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