Maísa Prieto – Independent Advisor

Maísa Prieto: independent consultant based in Santiago, Chile. Specialized in tourism destination branding and marketing, brand identity, brand strategy, storytelling, sustainability, placemaking

Chile Country Performance, Brand Stength and Reputation

Chile’s country performance, economic competitiveness, nation brand strength and reputation, according to international rankings and indices.

Luis Chavarría on Astronomy as Economic Development Opportunity for Chile

Luis Chavarría, Director of the Astronomy Program at the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research CONICYT, in this interview shares his thoughts on how growing interest in astronomy can contribute to the economic development of Chile.

Sophie Souyet of Amatista Travels on How Astrotourism is Creating Business Opportunities in Chile

Sophie Souyet of Amatista Travels in this interview shares why astrotourism is a great opportunity for the development of Coquimbo region in Northern Chile. She also gives useful advice on how to succeed as start-up tour operator.

Lucía Pinto on Developing Coquimbo Region as Astrotourism Destination

Lucía Pinto is the Indendente of Coquimbo region and as such its highest authority. In this interview she tells us why Coquimbo is predestined as the place in the world to go to for a glimpse at the stars and the universe.

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