Berlin City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Ever since the unification, Berlin has been a mecca of the alternative art world, offering a great variety of scenarios and opportunities for the creatives. Apart from that, it is also the capital of Germany, Europe's largest country by size of population, and as such a political heavy-weight . How do these characteristics influence Berlin’s performance in the different indices that rank cities according to their economic, social and environmental characteristics?

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  • Berlin city brand performance and reputation

Berlin and innovation

Is Berlin a city that stands out for inspiration and innovation?

According to the 2018 Innovation Cities Index, Berlin ranks 14th among the 500 global cities that were evaluated in the study. Only two European cities -London and Paris- are positioned ahead of Berlin in this index, demonstrating the improving performance of the German capital as a hub for innovation.

Berlin is the 5th most dynamic city in Europe, according to the 2016 Dynamic Cities index. Here it scores highest in the dimension of inspiration, which measures aspects such as the city’s art sector strengths, engagement and livability. Berlin’s performance is also good in terms of interconnection, which is mainly boosted by its public transport infrastructures and local connectivity.

Berlin’s economic performance

Is Berlin a good place to do business?

Berlin is the 9th best city for doing business, according to Ipsos 2017 Top Cities Index, the same position it held in the previous, 2014 edition. While New York tops the list, London and Zurich are the only European cities that are ahead of Berlin in this ranking.

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