City Reports

Why Graz? Andrea Keimel on the Austrian City’s Brand Strengths and Business Opportunities

What makes the city of Graz in Austria attractive as a business location? Andrea Keimel illustrates the city's brand strengths and appeal as place to live and invest in.

Barcelona: A Good Place to Live, Invest or Visit?

Barcelona: how attractive for visitors, investors, talent? How does it approach city branding and destination marketing? How does it fare in global benchmarking studies? Special report.

City Reports

City reports: discover which cities are attractive to visitors, talent and investors, and how they are working to strengthen their identity and image through smart strategies and imaginative measures.

City Observatory

Reports, insights and stories linked to the performance of cities, their investment and talent attraction strategies, city branding initiatives, placemaking and talent attraction strategies.

Barcelona Destination Sustainability – Special Report

Barcelona sustainable destination: the Catalan capital's sustainable tourism strategy and experiences, with insights from the Sustainability Leaders Project.

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