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How Media Portrayal of Places Influences Branding Strategy

How places which have been ridiculed or made fun of, for example in the media or film (think Borat movie) have found a way to "own the joke" and use it to their benefit.

Place Branding 2022: Key Priorities and Trends to Watch

Place branding 2022: Which trends and topics will keep place brand developers and managers busy this year? Expert panel answers.

How to Measure Success of Talent Attraction Initiatives

A skilled workforce is always sought-after. Countries, regions and cities that aspire to lead the way compete with each other to attract top talent....

Why and How to Measure Place Branding Success Beyond Economic Growth

TPBO Expert panel shares why and how to measure place branding success beyond economic factors such as wealth creation or economic growth.

How Narrative and Storytelling Impact the Economic Development of Places

How narrative and storytelling impact the social and economic development of places: expert views

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