Views from New Zealand

David Downs on the Next Chapter of the New Zealand Story

David Downs of New Zealand Story about the country's future plans, and how they aim to be at the forefront of sustainability, innovation and tourism.

Brian Richards on Place Branding Success Strategies and New Zealand

Brian Richards of Richards Partners in this interview reflects on what place branding strategies need to be successful, how New Zealand performs as country brand, as well as the trends and challenges influencing place branders around the world.

Rebecca Smith on the New Zealand Story, Country Branding and Destination Brands

Rebecca Smith in this interview discusses New Zealand's approach to country branding, how destination marketing influences country brands, the key ingredients for destination branding success and how New Zealand measures the impact and value of its place brand strategies.

Andrea Insch on Brand New Zealand and Nation Branding Strategies in Asia

Andrea Insch of Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand, shares her thoughts on "green" destination branding and analyzes New Zealand's "100% Pure" destination brand.

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