Copenhagen City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Copenhagen projects the image of a sustainable cyclists’ haven that is tolerant and progressive. How is the city positioned in the different indices that study world’s top cities in terms of sustainability, talent and entrepreneurship?

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How sustainable is Copenhagen?

Is Copenhagen a good place to live according to the rankings of social and environmental sustainability?

Copenhagen positions 14th in the overall ranking of Arcadis’ Sustainable Cities 2016 index. This study is based on three main pillars: people, planet and profit index. The Danish capital scores highest (13th) in the planet index; the economic (17th) and social sustainability (24th) of Copenhagen are scored somewhat lower.

In 2009, Copenhagen led Europe’s Green City’s index. Its efforts of providing citizens with an extensive public transport system and raising the number of residents that use a bicycle for commuting earned them this high recognition in the Green Cities index.

How influential is Copenhagen?

Amidst all the ‘green’ power, does Copenhagen also have global influence?

Copenhagen ranked 20th in the Global Power Cities index 2017 edition. With this, they are close to their all-time best ranking (17th) back in 2010. All in all, the general performance of Copenhagen is very stable and has varied little in this 10-year long study. As previous sustainability- related indices already demonstrated, here also Copenhagen ranks highest in the environment dimension (8th, while cultural interaction (35th) and research and development (33rd) score much lower.

Copenhagen’s ranking in AT Kearney’s Global Cities index that studies the world’s most influential cities is 21st. This is three positions higher than the year before. They score best for governance and personal well-being; on the down-side, innovation plays a small role in making Copenhagen an influential city.

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