Copenhagen City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Copenhagen projects the image of a sustainable cyclists’ haven that is tolerant and progressive. How is the city positioned in the different indices that study world’s top cities in terms of sustainability, talent and entrepreneurship?

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How sustainable is Copenhagen?

Is Copenhagen a good place to live according to the rankings of social and environmental sustainability?

Copenhagen positions 14th in the overall ranking of Arcadis’ Sustainable Cities 2016 index. This study is based on three main pillars: people, planet and profit index. The Danish capital scores highest (13th) in the planet index; the economic (17th) and social sustainability (24th) of Copenhagen are scored somewhat lower.

In 2009, Copenhagen led Europe’s Green City’s index. Its efforts of providing citizens with an extensive public transport system and raising the number of residents that use a bicycle for commuting earned them this high recognition in the Green Cities index.

How influential is Copenhagen?

Amidst all the ‘green’ power, does Copenhagen also have global influence?

Copenhagen ranked 20th in the Global Power Cities index 2017 edition. With this, they are close to their all-time best ranking (17th) back in 2010. All in all, the general performance of Copenhagen is very stable and has varied little in this 10-year long study. As previous sustainability- related indices already demonstrated, here also Copenhagen ranks highest in the environment dimension (8th, while cultural interaction (35th) and research and development (33rd) score much lower.

Copenhagen’s ranking in AT Kearney’s Global Cities index that studies the world’s most influential cities is 21st. This is three positions higher than the year before. They score best for governance and personal well-being; on the down-side, innovation plays a small role in making Copenhagen an influential city.

How attractive is Copenhagen as place to work?

How competitive is Copenhagen in terms of attracting and retaining talent?

Copenhagen takes 4th position in Global City Talent Competitiveness Index 2018 edition where rivalry is strongest between Scandinavian capitals. Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki all make it to the top-5 where the leading position is taken by Zurich.

This study preaches especially the way Copenhagen deals with diversity, which is understood as a source for growth, innovation and as a general competitive advantage. They bring out the example of the Copenhagen Business Centre which encourages companies in Copenhagen to emphasize personnel policies and strategies that support diversity, with a focus on well-being and talent development.

In economic terms, Copenhagen is a costly place to live in especially for expats, as The Economist’s Cost of living index showed. In 2016 the Danish capital ranked as the 9th most expensive city to live in. Within the region, only Paris and Zurich surpassed Copenhagen’s high costs of living. In this study, Singapore proved to be the most expensive city to live in the world.

Culture and creativity in Copenhagen

Can Copenhagen be considered an international centre of culture and creativity?

In the 2017 Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor Copenhagen ranks 2nd for both cultural vibrancy and creative economy, and 5th for its enabling environment.

In 2017, Copenhagen scored the maximum of 100 points for its theatres and people trust. It also ranked high for the quality of governance and regulations. Copenhagen scores lowest for the number of graduates in ICT and art and humanities.

Copenhagen’s ranking in the 2018 World’s Best Cities ranking is 69th. The city’s best performing pillars are product (49th) and programming (52nd ), while place (92nd) and programming (99th) score much lower in this year’s ranking that is based on six different pillars and 23 factors that study cities’ global performance and competitiveness.

How innovative is Copenhagen?

Looking at similar key elements, the 2018 Innovation Cities index gave Copenhagen 39th position for its potential as an innovation economy. ATKearney’s Global Cities index didn’t give Copenhagen a very high score for innovation, either. Nevertheless, in 2016 Metropolitan Magazine elected Copenhagen as the Best City to Live in precisely because of their innovation in terms of preparing the city for climate change through public spaces which include runoff areas for excess water. Additionally, they also praised the city’s infrastructures for sustainable commuting.

How strong is Copenhagen’s city brand?

How reputable is Copenhagen as a city brand on the global scale?

Copenhagen takes a firm second position in City RepTrak’s 2017 Reputation index which puts Sydney on the first place for the second consecutive year. Copenhagen has climbed up eight positions in comparison to 2016, showing that the city’s reputation is on a fast rise.

In 2017 Greater Copenhagen was also given the Place Brand of the Year award by City Nation Place.  Their approach of marketing a two-nation metropolis (Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark) as a great place for business is what earned them the award.

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