Günter Soydanbay Speaker Profile

“Up until now, no one has understood the complexity of our problems the way you did. You simply hit the nail on the head.”

“I’ve never looked at our challenges like that. Now, everything makes so much more sense. I can’t wait to share those insights with my colleagues.”

“The way you dissolved the issue, got to its core, and then rebuild everything idea by idea… That gave me so much to think about.”

Whether he is presenting to a room full of DMO directors, or high-ranking government officials, or eager-to-learn students, those are the recurring feedback that Günter receives. Highly engaging and connecting, he mindfully designs his keynotes and workshops so that the listener would indulge in rich insights beyond compare.

Holding both a B.Sc. in Psychology and an MBA degree, Günter Soydanbay has the unique ability to talk to the rational mind as well as to the emotional heart. Every speech of his has a carefully-constructed narrative, which draws parallels between branding and mythology as well as science and economy.

As a self-proclaimed “Organizational Troubadour,” Günter relentlessly scans the globe to spot the latest trends and discover the best practices. He, then, amalgamates his findings with the most appropriate change strategy, design techniques, and effective communications tactics to help listeners engage and align their stakeholders.

If you want to learn not only how to tackle your challenges, but also understand why they exist in the first place; discover the eternal story of your destination and craft a narrative-based brand strategy approach and; get up to speed with the latest trends, then book Günter as a keynote speaker.


1. Trends & Best Practices

Learn about what your visitors and community will want next

Let’s face it: The speed at which change occurs is overwhelming. Today, we all need to change to stay the same. However to be able to cope with change, first, you need to understand what is changing and why. Let’s review the most prominent trends that shape the world and give you actionable ideas.

What is the Trends & Best Practices presentation?

It is a keynote presentation, where we will be going over the mega socio-economic, business, and tourism trends. We will share insights and give your tools to detect and successfully implement these trends into the value proposition of your place.

Why should you care?

Whether you are the director of a DMO or a BDO you need to know where your audiences are headed. You need highly contemporary insight into how the world is changing. The better you understand the megatrends that shape our era, the more competitive your place brand will become.

2. What Story Are You Living?

Learn how to discover the archetypal story of your place

Unlike the popular belief, we don’t communicate through facts, but stories. Telling stories could make you up to 22 times more memorable. That’s why we are all storytellers. Yet, have you ever wondered what your place narrative is? Let’s discover the invisible forces your city or country live by and put them to good use so that you can communicate more purposefully and effectively.

What is the What Story Are You Living presentation?

It is a keynote presentation or a workshop, where the participants will learn how to discover the narrative that is unconsciously influencing their place. At the end of this session, you will discover the hidden strengths, motivational triggers, and greatest potentials of your city or country. Consequently, you will be empowered to improve your communication efforts.

3. Change Management

Learn how to bring your vision into action

Are you managing change? Or trying to alter the behaviours of your stakeholders? Or looking for ways to realize benefits? Then this speaking module is designed for you.

Finding the right strategy is vital. Turning the strategy into tactics is essential. But the moment you share your brand strategy with your stakeholders, that’s when the rubber meets the road. Learn how to make sure that your vision could take hold. Discover how to turn your vision into desired stakeholder behaviour. Understand how to communicate your brand strategy to your team, roll out your new brand internally as well as externally, and achieve the desired behaviour.

What is the Change Management presentation?

The majority of place branding projects fail to achieve desired results, mainly because they fail to recognize a simple truth: At its core, place branding is a change management process.

This buttoned-down PROSCI-certified change management process will increase the success chances of your project. Filled with timely and relevant case studies around the globe, this keynote will allow you to overcome resistance, engage and align with your stakeholders.

Speaking topics:

  • Place branding
  • Global trends and best practices
  • Story-based communication
  • Methods of persuasion
  • Change management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Complexity

Interested in booking Günter Soydanbay as speaker? Please get in touch here. Read our 2017 interview with Günter here.