Place Branding Research Priorities 2019: Key Questions and Knowledge Gaps

Place branding research: which topics should receive more attention this year? Which knowledge gaps should investigators address?

Below the answers of our panel of place branding specialists (in alphabetical order –  highlighted respondents are available for consulting, research or as speakers).

A few takeaways of topics and questions place branding researchers might want to address:

  • How to measure impact, effectiveness and success of place branding
  • Determine the failure rate of place branding projects around the world, and the root causes
  • How can place branding contribute to identity building and unity within a society, and stabilise societies in turmoil?
  • How narrative and place branding can impact the social and economic development of places
  • The effect of populism on place brand equity
  • Develop a place branding code-of-conduct
  • Social responsibility as topic in place branding
  • Future of digital communications and how information is going to be delivered

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The Editorial Team

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