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What Is It Like to Be a Digital Nomad or E-Ployee?

Julian Stubbs in this guest post looks at the differences between digital nomad and e-ployee and the benefits of working as an e-ployee.

What’s It Like Being a Digital Nomad in Stockholm, Sweden?

How good is Stockholm for digital nomads and e-ployees? Stockholm resident and globetrotter Julian Stubbs looks at the pros and cons of living in Sweden's capital.

Cecilia Cassinger on Place Branding, Strategic Communication and Urban Sustainability

Cecilia Cassinger of Lund University in Sweden in this interview discusses place branding as a strategic communication practice, its social implications and potential to support urban sustainability.

Talent Attraction: How the International Citizen Hub Lund Helps to Attract Talent to Southern Sweden

Lisa Andersson in this interview introduces us to the work of the International Citizen Hub Lund, a leading talent attraction and retention initiative in southern Sweden. Learn how they do it, which challenges they face, and how they overcome those.

Andrea Lucarelli on the Politics of Place Branding, Research Trends and the Role of Social Media

Andrea Lucarelli of Lund University in Sweden, in this interview discusses his research into the political dimension of place branding, latest research trends and the role of social media.

Anna Gissler on How Stockholm Business Region Leads in Talent Attraction

In this interview Anna Gissler, Acting CEO of Stockholm Business Region (with the two subsidiaries Visit Stockholm and Invest Stockholm) shares her thoughts on success factors, challenges and trends in city branding - which, as she says, really isn't about logos or slogans.
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