Todd Babiak Speaker Profile

Todd is obsessed with narrative and making it the foundation of place-brand strategy. He has worked and presented in North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Todd is the CEO of Brand Tasmania and co-founder and partner of the companies Story Engine and Places are People. He has won awards for his work from City Nation Place and from the Place Marketing Forum. In his spare time he writes and publishes novels.

Based in Tasmania (Australia)

Speaking topics:

How to create a place brand using a central narrative, a “master story,” and how to make it the core of your strategy.

Todd offers keynote addresses, workshops, and seminars on the topic of narrative and using it to create, build, and maintain a unique and powerful place brand.


Tell us a Story

Our brains are wired for narrative, yet too often we let traditional strategic planning and traditional advertising overwhelm it with jargon and cliché. We spend too much and we can’t use what we buy. With story-based research, driven by citizens, we can define what makes a place utterly unique. We can use our master story to invite citizens to build their own place brand and to bring focus and discipline to our work. I use examples and, of course, stories to build a compelling presentation tailored for each audience.

Speaker characteristics:

#Thoughtful #Surprising #Funny #Humble #Curious

Ideal audiences:

  • City and state government
  • Economic development conferences and organizations
  • Chambers of commerce


“Todd Babiak changed the way so many of us think about our city, by listening and telling the story back to us in funny, sad, meaningful and surprising ways. Then he helped us bring it to life.”

– Mary Sturgeon, founding executive director, Make Something Edmonton

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