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How-To Guides

How Can Place Branding Support Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding?

How can place branding support conflict resolution and peacebuilding? How can it help communities to find a shared identity and a vision for the future? Here the answers of our global panel of place brand experts.

What Is A Brand – And What It Is Not: Branding Explained

What is a brand? Our panel of place brand specialists concurs that brands are much more than logos, design styles or taglines (all of which are becoming less important now). A must read for anyone involved with branding.

Bridging Perception Gaps: How to Overcome Place Image Challenges

How to bridge perception gaps, how can neighborhoods, cities, regions and countries overcome image challenges? Our panel of place branding specialists has answers.

How-To Guide for Teaching Place Branding at University

How-to guide for teaching place branding at university, by Magdalena Florek and Efe Sevin. Includes details on course structure, course materials and assessments.

City Branding: Which Factors Are The Most Crucial For Your City Brand?

Which factors are the most crucial for a successful city brand? Our panel of place branding experts has answers.

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