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How-To Guides

How to Integrate Placemaking and Branding Through Experience Masterplanning

How Experience Masterplanning can help create better places through integrating placemaking and place branding. A step by step guide by Malcolm Allan, Jeannette Hanna and Roger Hobkinson.

7 Tips on How to Make a Career in Place Branding: Leading Professionals Give Advice

Expert advice on how to make a career in place branding - both research and practice. Essential knowledge for future place managers, place marketers, economic developers and public diplomacy professionals.

7 Tips on How to Choose a Place Brand Consultant

7 tips for place marketers and brand managers on how to choose a branding consultant for your city, region, country or destination.

Quick Guide: Five Steps Approach to Place Branding

In this free Quick Guide, learn about the Five Steps Approach to Place Branding, developed by Robert Govers, Gerard van Keken, Erik van 't Klooster.

How to Measure Success and Effectiveness of Place Branding Initiatives?

How to measure the success and effectiveness of place branding initiatives? Place brand experts share their tips and outline the main challenges.

Difference Between Place Branding and Place Marketing: Quick Guide

Free Quick Guide explaining the difference between place branding and place marketing. Essential knowledge for those in charge of the branding of cities, regions, nations, countries and destinations.
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