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Thoughts on 2015 Place Marketing and Branding Manifesto

Spot on: 2015 Place Marketing and Branding Manifesto by Best Place Institute & leading place branding scholars and experts: definitions, concepts, goals.

Why Place Branding Is (Still) Not About Logos and Slogans

Robert Govers on why place branding is not just about creating catchy slogans and logos, which are only one part of city or destination branding strategy.

Brands, Trust and the Transparency Revolution

Mark di Somma shares his thoughts on the role of trust and transparency in a brand context, and where there is a growing need for ethics in branding.

Place Branders, Don’t Mess With The People’s Brand!

What does place branding look like from a designer's perspective? David F Coates makes a compelling case for civic engagement in branding.

Place Branding Joys and Sorrows: Logos and Slogans

Place branding professional Jeremy Hildreth reflects on the purpose - the joys and sorrows - of logos and slogans in place branding.
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