Interview with Irina Shafranskaya on City Happiness and Place Branding in Russia

City branding practice in Russia is one of the topics which we discuss in this interview with Irina Shafranskaya. Learn about current trends, priorities and how place branding links to city happiness and sustainable urban development.

Learn about:

  • How strategic city branding can support happy cities;
  • How place branding is practiced in Russia;
  • City branding trends and challenges in Russia;
  • How city branding relates to sustainable urban development;
  • How to measure city branding success: good practice examples.

Irina, do you remember what first attracted your interest in place branding?

It all started with my interest in place marketing – in 2008 my native city launched the first communication campaign trying to change its image. There was a wide range of various events and initiatives, which promoted it as a new cultural capital. And I was wondering if it could be effective.

As an academic, I began to read on the topic, and step-by-step, together with my colleagues we started the first research. At that moment we tried to understand whether Cultural Capital branding was applicable to our city.

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The Editorial Team

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