Hila Oren on Placemaking, City Branding and the Reputation of Tel Aviv

Hila Oren, founder and CEO of Tel Aviv Global, in this interview shares her experience of directing a strategic task force to elevate Tel Aviv's international positioning as Israel's Global City and promoting and marketing its city tourism.

Learn about:

  • Why you cannot brand a city without playing an active role making the city;
  • Why partnerships and coalitions are the key to success in place branding;
  • How Tel Aviv achieved its current level of brand awareness and recognition;
  • How to deal with country reputation threatening to negatively affect the city brand;
  • What it means to be a smart city;
  • How Tel Aviv is planning to become one of the world’s 20 leading global cities;
  • The best way to measure the success of city branding initiatives.

Hila, what fascinates you most about city branding?

I am fascinated by the correlation between city branding and city making. Both are intertwined – you cannot brand a city without playing an active role making the city. And by making a city you play a key role in its branding. You are faced with the challenge of identifying the city's unique selling proposition (USP), and the need to ease tensions between different city stakeholders, industries and competing propositions.

What does place branding mean to you?

To me place branding means taking a place through the process of evolving from a place into a brand that incorporates the passion and desires of those who call this place home - those who make it the "place it is".

It is crucial for someone who manages place branding to create as many partnerships and coalitions as possible between representatives of the private and public sectors, and between local and national players.

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The Editorial Team

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