Interview with Statia Elliot on the Evolution of Destination Marketing and DMOs

Statia Elliot, Director of the School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management at the University of Guelph in Canada, in this interview discusses the evolution of destination marketing, DMOs and their convergence with the field of place branding.

Learn about:

  • Current trends in destination marketing;
  • Challenges in the development and management of destination brands;
  • Place branding research priorities, from a tourism perspective;
  • The role of place branding for DMOs, as part of their adaptation to new realities;
  • The five most important ingredients for successful destination brands.

Statia, how did you first become involved in the management and marketing of tourist destinations?

I was hired by the tourism department of the province of Manitoba as an analyst to research and provide market knowledge to support their marketing efforts. After a few years of developing an understanding of what made the destination brand work, I moved up to the position of Marketing Director, just in time for the Winnipeg Pan Am Games – in 1999!

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