San Francisco City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

San Francisco, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the USA, is also the financial center and cultural hub of the West Coast. A popular tourist destination for its location, climate, and architecture, it is also known for its openness. Famous for its innovative environment, several technology companies have chosen San Francisco as their base, putting it in close competition with Silicon Valley.

But how is San Francisco performing in terms of reputation and influence, business attractiveness and sustainability?

Learn about:

  • San Francisco’s reputation and performance as city brand;
  • The global influence and economic performance of San Francisco;
  • San Francisco’s performance in indices of environmental sustainability;
  • San Francisco as a hub for creativity and innovation.

San Francisco’s reputation and influence

Ranking 17th in the Global Power City Index (2017), San Francisco has improved its performance from last year, being the 3rd best-placed city in North America after New York (2nd) and Los Angeles (11th). The city received a high score on R&D (9th), did well on the Economy (13th) and Environment (17th) indicators. Its weaker points - compared to other cities featured in the ranking - are Livability (25th) and Cultural Interaction (28th). Accessibility (33th) is the factor that pulls SF down most in this study on the global power of cities.

The same index also measures a city's attractiveness for different audiences, where San Francisco scored 5th for researchers, 15th for residents, 17th for managers, 20th for visitors, but only 34th most attractive city for artists.

Well-known around the world, San Francisco ranked 22nd in the City RepTrak (2017) study, just ahead of New York City and the highest position among US cities. Looking at the specific city functions, San Francisco ranked 6th as a place to visit, 9th as a place to live and work in, and 10th as a place to invest.

Economic performance of San Francisco

Ranked 8th in the Global Financial Centres Index 23 (2018), San Francisco has improved its ranking considerably since the last edition. New York City and Toronto are the only North American cities that perform better than San Francisco.

Within the five broad factors of competitiveness, the city ranks 5th for Financial Sector Development, as well as Reputation. It's positioned 8th for Business Environment and 9th for Human Capital and Infrastructure performance. SF has also advanced from being considered a Dynamic Centre to becoming a Stable Centre.

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