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City Branding Challenges: 4 Lessons from Hamburg, Germany

Sebastian Zenker discusses four city branding challenges and the lessons learned during his work with the city of Hamburg in northern Germany, Europe.

Brand Asia at World Economic Forum Davos: Underpitched or Overplayed?

India nation brand expert Aparna Sharma reflects on the role of Brand Asia at the World Economic Forum in Davos, calling for a more nuanced, strategic approach to country promotion and brand positioning.

Public Diplomacy in Indonesia and Southeast Asia: Trends and Challenges

In this guest post USC Annenberg graduate and junior ministry official Gadis Ranty shares her thoughts on public diplomacy in Indonesia and Southeast Asia - the trends and challenges.

Country Brands: Nation Branding En Vogue (Again)

The Place Brand Observer editor Florian Kaefer reflects on the growing popularity of country brands and nation branding as a means to attract investment, visitors and talent.

Tourism Brands and Destination Marketing Campaigns in Asia

India nation brand expert Aparna Sharma discusses tourism campaigns in Asia, the need for nations to remain competitive in a saturated market and the importance to communicate their place authentically.

Country Brands Asia: Bhutan – A Demure Brand

Nation brand expert Aparna Sharma visits the country of Bhutan to explore "Brand Bhutan" and its guiding principle, Gross National Happiness (GNH).
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