Spain Country Performance, Nation Brand Strength and Reputation

How well does Spain perform as nation brand? How attractive is it as place to do business and to live in? What about its environmental sustainability and soft power? More about Spain's nation brand strength, image and reputation in this summary of international reports, studies and rankings.

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Spain's business environment
  • Soft power: Spain's global presence
  • The digital performance of Spain
  • Spain in indices of environmental and social sustainability
  • Life quality and happiness in Spain
  • Spain's contribution to global well-being and peace
  • Spain's value as nation brand

Doing business in Spain

Spain has been improving its economic performance since the last economic crisis that affected the country's image, especially when it comes to its attractiveness for investors. The Global Competitiveness Index ranks Spain 34th. This is one position lower than the previous year but similar to its performance in earlier years:  it ranked 36th in both 2012 and 2013.

The Ease of Doing Business study places Spain in the 30th position. The country ranks high in some categories, such as resolving insolvency or trading across borders. However, it shows a poor performance in areas such as starting a business, getting credit or dealing with permits.

Talent in Spain

Is Spain a competitive country when it comes to talent?

The 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index ranks Spain 31st. Its better performances are in the areas of retaining (23rd) and growing talent (28th). The country has a lower performance in vocational and technical skills (45th). Its capital, Madrid, is ranked 22nd in the global talent ranking for cities.

Soft Power: Spain’s global presence

The Elcano Global Presence Index ranks Spain 11th in the overall ranking and 9th in the “soft presence” category: Spain is a country that receives a considerable amount of immigrants; it is a popular destination for tourists and has a good performance with regard to international cooperation.

The Soft Power 30 index puts Spain 15th in its 2018 ranking, dropping one position since the last report and showing a constant drop throughout the last few years. Although the Elcano and Soft Power 30 rankings show differences in their assessment of Spain, both consider it among the top 15 nations worldwide in terms of global presence.

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