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Case Studies

Country-of-Origin Branding: The Story of Turkey, Kernel & Roast

How country-of-origin can be used to brand a store, and how branded stores can feed back into the strength and reputation of a country's brand: example of Turkey and Kenel & Roast's flagship store in London, UK.

Brian Mullis on How Guyana Promotes Sustainable Tourism Through Innovative Destination Marketing and Management

Brian T. Mullis in this interview shares how the South American country Guyana approaches sustainable destination development by focusing on community-based tourism and value over volume in its destination marketing.

Bruno Marti on How to Brand a Hotel: Example 25hours

How to brand a hotel? How to use smart design and create unique experiences for that special identity and brand which conscious guests can identify with? Bruno Marti tells us how 25hours Hotels do it.

Sithembile Ntombela on How South Africa Approaches Destination Marketing and Nation Branding

Sithembile Ntombela in this interview introduces us to South Africa's approach to destination marketing and nation branding. Learn about South Africa's economic and social reality, investment opportunities and how Brand South Africa works towards strengthening a shared national identity.

Auckland: A City Branding Success Story from Aotearoa New Zealand

Winner of City Nation Place's ‘Place Brand of the Year 2020’ award, every stage of building Auckland's city brand is notable. In this interview, Shelley Watson, Head of Marketing and Clare Barker, Brand Manager at Auckland Unlimited explain how their award-winning city brand came into being.

Begüm Tatari on the Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategy of the City of Izmir in Turkey

Begüm Tatari in this interview shares her experience of helping the Turkish city of Izmir with its city branding strategy and implementing its city marketing, especially the bid to be host city of the EXPO 2020.
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