Case Studies

Peter Kjeldbjerg on How Struer Became The City of Sound

Peter Kjeldbjerg shares how Struer became the City of Sound: a talent attraction and city branding example from Denmark.

How a Place Brand Balance Sheet Can Help to Measure City Branding Impact: Example Horsens, Denmark

How to measure city branding success? Ole Have Jørgensen shares his experience of working with the city of Horsens in Denmark, especially how a place brand balance sheet can help determine return on investment of place branding initiatives.

Tessa Jacques Antoine on Investment Opportunities, Talent Attraction and Brand Haïti

Tessa Jacques Antoine in this interview shares the story of Haïti, its country branding and how the small island state is working towards attracting investors and talent.

How Antioch in Northern California Became the City of Opportunity | A Rebranding Story

Why and how the Northern Californian city of Antioch went through a rebranding process: a city branding case study told be David Kippen, co-founder and director of Evviva Brands.

Country-of-Origin Branding: The Story of Turkey, Kernel & Roast

How country-of-origin can be used to brand a store, and how branded stores can feed back into the strength and reputation of a country's brand: example of Turkey and Kenel & Roast's flagship store in London, UK.

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