Mara Seminario on Country Branding, Destination Marketing and Brand Peru

The country branding strategy of Peru is widely regarded as one of the most successful in Latin America. In this interview, Mara Seminario - the "mother of country Brand Peru" - reflects on the process of putting Peru on the world map as a tourist destination. Learn how Lima became the region's culinary capital and a popular destination for city breaks, and how focusing on "experience marketing" has benefited Brand Peru. 

Learn about:

  • Which strategies Mara Seminario implemented as Director of PromPerú and Vice Minister of Tourism;
  • How Lima turned from a city without tourists to being considered the best gastronomic city destination in Latin America;
  • What "experience marketing" means, and how it was implemented for Brand Peru;
  • How Peru solved the perennial problem of insufficient funds for place branding and tourism promotion activities;
  • The main trends and challenges with regard to country and destination branding in Peru and Latin America;
  • Recommendations on how to measure destination branding success.

Mara, do you remember what first attracted your interest in country branding in relation to tourism?

The first time that I received the Country Brand Index, prepared by Future Brand in 2006, I became interested first and foremost because of the mentioning of Peru in one of the categories. It was at that moment that I fully understood that a country brand is a tremendous tool to communicate the attributes of any country. It helps us to position the brand of Peru in the minds of both current and potential visitors.

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The Editorial Team

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